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Emotional Support Sessions
for schools and other settings

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I'm Eva and I provide Dogs For Children emotional support dogs specifically for educational settings. These dogs play a crucial role in supporting children, helping them settle and concentrate, while also assisting them in processing difficult emotions and developing empathy skills.

 This concept originated several years ago when our own son was struggling with a health condition and our dog became his only source of comfort. Witnessing the positive impact it had on him, I decided to pursue further training in dog behaviour and gained qualifications in mindfulness, hypnotherapy, and elements of cognitive behavioural therapy. As a result, I am now an experienced dog trainer recognized by the industry, but also successful Life Coach and therapist.

In recent years, the role of emotional support animals in schools has gained significant attention. These animals, particularly dogs, have proven to be invaluable companions for children, providing them with the emotional support they need to navigate the challenges of school and life. By introducing dogs for children's emotional support at schools, educators are taking a proactive approach to address the emotional well-being of their students.

I am delighted to offer my services to more settings, starting from 2024.


With my extensive qualifications in animal-assisted therapy, first aid, art therapy, mindfulness for children, challenging behaviour, and advanced CBT, I am confident in providing exceptional care and support. Additionally, my dog Mazie, a well-behaved and groomed Cocker Spaniel with up-to-date vaccinations and regular treatments to prevent parasite infections, undergoes continuous training to ensure she is always at her best.


As a part of Southern K9 Training Ltd, I do not only provide the best professional service to effectively communicate with children and support their needs, but also ensure total peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your premises with our




                                                                 Our temperament tested dogs can benefit children and adults by;

-Lowering blood pressure and stress levels

-Increase levels of dopamine and serotonin

-Improve fitness

-Decrease anxiety

-Dramatically increase positive mood

-Ease social isolation and help children learn social skills

-Help young readers gain confidence

-Help with coordination and motor skills

-Senses stimulation and many more...



Please note; Our dogs are not a service dogs, we can not enter with them any premises unless invited. They are well-trained dogs used as emotional support for people in need.

We are not medically trained and do not offer any medical advise or support

The sole purpose of the Sessions is to relax the client and encourage positivity, mental and physical motivation through animal contact.

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