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NTIPDU developed canine training courses, related to the security sector, welcoming valued input from handlers working in the field, incorporating real life experiences and knowledge.

This Security Dog Handler course ensures that the trainee has the knowledge, confidence and ability to practice a professional level of service as a General Purpose Security Dog Handler.

The course is based at our Training Centre in Dartford. It takes place over 6 days (arrangements can be made if a flexible programme is required as long as the full 50 hours have been completed). Please contact us for dates.

Content of the course:

Module A

  • Responsibilities of a General Purpose Security Dog Handler/correct welfare of GP Security Dog:

  • Skills and Attributes

  • Legislation, Health & Safety Requirements

  • Animal Welfare/maintenance and Transportation


Module B

  • Handling techniques required to handle a General Purpose Security Dog:

  • Lead Handling

  • Vocal Handling

  • Correct use of praise

  • Understanding the timing of reward

  • Emergency Action Plans


Module C

  • Applying skills to an operational situation:

  • Pick up and indication of potential threat

  • Communication techniques (to include Challenges and Questioning)

  • Escorting suspect visitor

  • Handler defence

  • Search of an open area, built up area and building

  • Patrol techniques


No refunds for the training booked and started or not started but cancelled after 14 days cool of period.

If you hold an SIA License, no refunds are given on a Security Dog Handling Course .You waive your cooling off rights if you are booking a course that starts in less than 14 days.

A trainee will be charged extra for any non-show to the arranged training days, that has not been cancelled with 24h notice at an appropriate rate.

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