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From just £600/WEEK

RESIDENTIAL TRAINING  is suitable for any dog from five months of age.

We always prefer to have an initial assessment lesson first. From this meeting, we would be able to give an opinion on any behavioural issues and a good idea of the likely outcome of any training stay.

You will be required to let us know what would you like your dog to achieve during the stay.

The time of the residential training vary depending on the issue and expectations.

Residential training is a very effective way to give your dog a fresh start in a more positive light. Sometimes just change of surrounding makes the dog more focused and eager to learn.

All dogs get exercised and trained in daily routine-to avoid boredom and break bad habits but will be also groomed, pet and socialized. We will write daily reports and send photos/videos of the dog as well.

Dogs can be collected from and delivered back to owner upon completion of the training or agreed timing. They will be groomed and send off with the information pack and toys etc. FREE OF CHARGE.

On the arrival owner will receive FREE 1-2-1 lesson that will explain how to practice what's learned .

The vast majority of dogs that come to stay really enjoy themselves but at the same time learn the new skills needed to be a happier dog .

Our residential training tends to be better than most of dog training classes due to a fact that most of the training classes are run by people who have their own dogs as a sport dog for their hobby and don’t understand the important difference needed for a good and balanced family dog.

The boarding kennels are located on the edge of London and Kent County.

Operating for over 40 years. Licensed by the local authority with a full pet and public liability insurance.

Winter kennels are heated during the night and have their own covered run.

Vets, should be needed have a 24 hour emergency call out service.

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