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responsible dog owner seminar
Couple with Dogs

Dog attacks reached its peak after 2020-2021 pandemic related dog adoption boom. According to NHS data, hospitals dealt with four child dog-bite patients every day on average last year.

Southern K9 Training are convinced it could be prevented in large number by educating and supporting dog owners, therefore number of seminars will be offered across the country, available for anyone.


Seminar covers many angles of dog ownership and is also helpful to people who don't own dogs by teaching them about safe dog encounters and their body language for example.

Many will get interested in part of the seminar related to safe new-born introduction, which we hear is often tricky.

Get in touch for details and availability.

Price : £30pp with a minimum of 10 participants.

Playing with the Dog
Children with a dog
Fetching a Stick
Boy Walking His Dog
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